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Printed Circuit board assembly Melbourne it is a circuit electronic board, normally there are five types of printed circuit board there are as follows 

Ø   Single-sided PCBs

Ø   Double-sided PCB

Ø   Multilayer PCBs

Ø   Aluminum Backed PCBs

Ø   Flexible PCBs

Printed circuit board material board is insulator, the board which helps mechanically and electrical connects the electronics components. In printed circuit board, we can solder passive component only and we can’t solder the active component. Two types of modes are there in printed circuit board that is ground and another for power supply.


In printed circuit board the great advantage is surface mount soldiering, in printed circuit board the layers, navigate the components and helps the users to identify which components are in which position.

PCB Assembly

The electronic components are assembled in such way that it as to help to navigate the user to component. In PCB assembly the components are only passive components. The electronics component is laminated in non-conductive along with the copper layer line. There are two PCB assembly kind of PCB are as follows

 1. Single side PCB

2. Multi-side PCB

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